Capitalism With a Human Face
Why Place the Tax Burden on the Wealthy?

For decades Americans have been subjected to an unfair tax system that allows the wealthy to use write-offs, shelters, and loopholes that other taxpayers cannot to reduce the rate of their taxes. This allows the wealthiest Americans to pay the lowest percentage of income in taxes (aside of those so low in income they owe no taxes at all). Hence, the bulk of the tax burden is placed on low-income and middle class workers who pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes.

The wealthy argue they have worked to earn their exorbitant stockpiles of wealth and therefore should not face a heavy tax burden. They also argue placing a heavier tax burden on them will deter them from investment in new capitalist ventures. The truth is the stockpiles of wealth were "earned" by denying the rest of us a fair share of wealth made from our labor. They underpay us in the workplace and overcharge us in the marketplace to "earn" their wealth. Despite ever-increasing wealth they have also failed to adopt available green technologies to create millions of news jobs in greening our factories, offices, homes, schools, and other infrastructure despite the pressing and mounting concerns of the very real environmental crisis.
WE ARE NOT AGENDA 21 - Agenda 21 is a greening plan of the United Nations that has been co-opted by forces with motivations to take away private property rights, force people living in rural areas to move to cities, and have a "government greening employee" enter every home to devise individualized greening plans for citizens among other repressive and unnecessary measures. As you learn about Agenda 21 elsewhere, please remember that despite its claims to be the green answer, it did NOT come from the grassroots environmental movement, it does NOT represent desires of environmentalists, and it is NOT the green agenda. 
Agenda 21 is not the true green movement. We are!
Create Jobs: Simplify and Shift Taxes to the Wealthy

Our suggested Simple Tax Plan along with our Invest in America Green Jobs Economic Plan shifts the tax burden off of middle class America and onto the wealthy.

Green Jobs programs can be designed to funnel new tax revenues into the creation of small businesses focused on creation or use of green technologies. Technical and financial assistance can also be provided to other small and medium-sized businesses to alleviate any additional cost of business from implementation of greening measures.

In this way, new business is created, existed business is supported, and the economy is infused with an influx of cash from the ground up - through small business and family wage jobs created and supported by the greening program.

​The GreenOver.US greening plan is the true green agenda. It is pro-commerce, pro-small business, pro-private property, pro jobs, and anti-totalitarian. It does not place more taxes on the middle class nor will it result in increased costs to small and medium sized businesses. Instead, it will provide small and medium sized business with the money and technical assistance needed to green while also providing Americans with millions of new living wage jobs. The spending power of those paychecks will further bolster the economy from the ground up, creating additional new jobs, supporting small and medium sized business, and rescuing and reviving the currently endangered American middle class.

Environmental Restoration and Economic Prosperity Go Together